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Montessori Number Tracing Board


The hallmark of Montessori is the prepared environment. Play areas should be equipped with materials that first teach through the senses and later lead to reading, writing, mathematics, problem solving, geography, science and cultural studies. 

Hunter Gatherer Co.'s beautifully crafted Number Tracing Board has been designed to help teach your little one's their 123's and essential pre-writing skills. Suitable for both learning and play, try incorporating it into your sensory play by filling the grooves with rice or dough! 


  • Age 24+ months
  • Hand made with responsibly sourced, eco-friendly rubberwood
  • Double sided! Numbers on one side and pre-writing patterns on the other
  • Finished with natural child-safe oils
  • Tracing stylus included


  • These items are designed for gentle play. They are not designed to be dropped from height, thrown or played with roughly.
  • Product is not suitable for use in water
  • These items are NOT to be used as a teether and are NOT to be bitten. Always supervise your child while they explore these toys.