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Rainbow Peg Dolls


A set of 12 beautifully coloured Rainbow Peg Dolls is the perfect addition to any play environment. Children can explore so many concepts with these brightly coloured friends, such as; colour matching and recognition, inclusion, role play, small world play, sorting, posting and pretend play. 


  • Age ´╗┐8+ months
  • Crafted by hand using responsibly┬ásourced┬ábeech wood
  • 12 brightly coloured Rainbow Peg Dolls in sturdy storage tray
  • Size dolls: 6cm x 3cm, tray:┬á

    Due to the nature of the timber, some colour transfer may occur during transit. This can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

    These items are designed for gentle play. They are not designed to be dropped from height, thrown or played with roughly. 

    These items are NOT to be used as a teether and are NOT to be bitten.

    Always supervise your child while they explore these toys.