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Rainbow Playsilk Bundle


"Can’t put into words how beautiful this play silk is 🥰 my 3yo received it for Christmas and it’s already her superhero cape, a wrap for her dollies and a hat for our cat"

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Arguably the most versatile toy ever, this super saver bundle of Playsilks is the perfect starter set for imaginative play.

Some of our favourite ways to use Playsilks are:

  • a dancers scarf
  • a pirates belt
  • a tablecloth for a tea party
  • a carrier for a baby doll
  • a hiding place for a game of hide and seek
  • blue water
  • a rainbow
  • grass in small world play
  • a fairy skirt
  • or just a soft and silky friend. 

Playsilks also make wonderful baby shower and birthday gifts for friends. We even love to use them as an eco-friendly (and beautiful) way to wrap gifts on special occasions!


    Suitable for children under 3 years of age

    Do not ever place these products in a bed, pram or car seat with your child

    60cm x 60cm square of incredibly soft 5mm Habotai silk

    Silk is a natural fiber that is lightweight, soft and durable

    Hand-rolled hems with 100% silk thread

    Dyed using a non-toxic, eco-friendly dye that is safe for children

    Care Instructions

    Hand-wash in warm water with a mild shampoo

    Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Do not wring

    Hang dry in the shade

    Warm iron on medium to restore shine

    Remove all tags before giving to small children

    Customer Reviews

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    Zara Demeris

    Absolutely love the quality. The kids are obssessed. Perfect in every way!!