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About Hunter Gatherer Co. 


Hi, I'm Maya and these two cheeky rascals are Hunter and Lauren. 

When Hunter was small we made the switch to open-ended and wooden toys and have never looked back! We saw Hunter's imagination thrive and develop in leaps and bounds...but we couldn't afford much more than some stacking bowls and the cardboard box they came in! Soon we added Lauren to the brood and, on one income, things got tighter. 

I searched and searched and searched but affordable, safe, sustainably sourced high quality toys were IMPOSSIBLE to find. So, I decided to provide some! And thus, Hunter Gatherer Co. was born. 

The journey has been incredible and I've treasured every moment, but most of all I've treasure the connections with parents who are just like us! Searching for the most fun they can have without breaking the bank.