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Large Stepped Blocks

The ULTIMATE playroom essential!

"This is one of the most played with toys in our house. We love how versatile the blocks are. Quality is amazing and the kids love how colorful the blocks are."


The LSB is more than just blocks. They are castles, ball runs, fire stations, towers, roads, counting tools, bridges...anything your little one can dream of. 

Featured in Mum Central's 'Best Eco-Friendly Products 2021'


      Suitable for children under 3 years of age

      Hand-crafted with responsibly sourced, solid Beech wood

      Painted by hand using water-based, non-toxic paints and sealed with a child safe oil

      100 brightly coloured blocks

      Sturdy storage tray which can also be used as a play base

      Base width 44 x 44cm

      Individual blocks start at 4cm and go up to 20cm, increasing in 4cm increments

      Total height of blocks in tray 21.5cm


      Due to the nature of the timber, some colour transfer may occur during transit. This can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

      These items are designed for gentle play. They are not designed to be dropped from height, thrown or played with roughly. 

      These items are NOT to be used as a teether and are NOT to be bitten.

      Always supervise your child while they explore these toys. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      A must in any playroom

      We had a cheaper alternative block set that wasn't getting used and were so slippery, my children would get frustrated when trying to build with them. Not these blocks though! They're wonderfully grippy so are difficult to knock over. A great chunky size so it's quick to create big structures fast. They're beautiful and vibrant in colouring so draw kids in and can be used in SO many ways. My children love them!

      Large stepped blocks - Amazing!

      Every kid needs a set of blocks and we are absolutely loving these ones, so many uses and the quality is just amazing! I love how chunky the blocks are. My kids have been having so much fun with them.

      Gabrielle Seto
      A playroom staple

      We love these blocks they have encouraged my son to start building as we keep them neatly stacked in the tray they come with on the floor for him to reach and with with at anytime. The colours are so vibrant and happy 😊

      Brilliant product

      So happy with this purchase. The blocks are so grippy. Such a beautiful product and the customer service was outstanding. Highly recommend.

      Zara Sarson
      Amazing toy for all ages

      This is one of the most played toys in our house. All three of my kids love it and even my youngest that’s only 8 months gets lots of play out of it. We love how versatile the blocks are. Quality is amazing and the kids love how colorful the blocks are.