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The Montessori Box Set

Living for the Excitement!

"I couldn’t have imagined the excitement of watching my babes beaming face as he nailed this coin drop but even more so when he “found” the coins in the drawer!"

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New to the world of Montessori? Looking for the perfect toy for your littlest love to play and learn? 

The Montessori Box Set is the perfect starting post.

Specially designed by experts in baby brain science, Object Permanence Boxes require concentration, fine motor skills and lateral thinking which make them ideal for babies and toddlers who are right in the midst of developing these important skills. 

What's included?

  • Object Permanence Box - Coins & Drawer
  • Object Permanence Box - Ball & Tray
  • Object Permanence Box - Ball & Drawer

"The hallmark of Montessori is the prepared environment. Play areas should be equipped with materials that first teach through the senses and later lead to reading, writing, mathematics, problem solving, geography, science and cultural studies."


      Suitable for children  8+ months

      Crafted with responsibly sourced beech wood and water-based, non-toxic paints

      Develops fine motor skills, cognitive skills and lateral thinking

      Ball and coin size: 4.5cm


      Due to the nature of the timber, some colour transfer may occur during transit. This can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

      These items are designed for gentle play. They are not designed to be dropped from height, thrown or played with roughly. 

      These items are NOT to be used as a teether and are NOT to be bitten.

      Always supervise your child while they explore these toys. 

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